The world of the discerning traveler

Lunching in Sorrento, Italy

There is adventure travel, eco-travel, budget travel, family travel, and the list goes on.  This site is not about any of these.  This site is for the discerning traveler, the discriminating traveler.  This is the traveler who is astute, judicious, perceptive, sensitive, insightful. It’s not necessarily for the ‘luxury’ traveler specifically, but luxury is part of what the discriminating traveler will want to know about.  This is for travelers who want to see the world and want to do it in a way that is comfortable and makes them feel that travel itself is a luxury that cannot necessarily be accessed by everyone.  The reviews here are all based on travel experiences that we paid for ourselves – no travel companies have provided goods or services to us.

Who are we?  We are a Canadian husband and wife team in our late careers. We are a physician and a university professor.  We are not billionaire business people – we are clearly in service industries ourselves and when we travel, service is one of the most important concerns we have.  We like to travel in style and are willing to pay for style and service, but we work hard for our money and are irritated when we waste it.  Come along with us as we turn a discerning eye to traveling the world!